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Holló AndrásHolló, András Ph.D. Lecturer, Head of the Department, MOL Hydrocarbon and Coal Processing Department, University of Pannonia (2015-)

Professional profile (PDF)

e-mail: ahollo@almos.uni-pannon.hu, ahollo@mol.hu

+36 88 624-000/6172
+36 88 624-520

hj.jpgHancsók, Jenő D.Sc (Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Head of the Department,


Teachingand research interests: catalytical hydrocarbon processes, reformulated fuels andlubricants, biodiesels, fuel and lubricant additives

hancsokj@almos.vein.hu | tel.: +36 88 624413

list of publications
Downloadable list of publications (updated: Sept. 20, 2010)




barthal.jpgBartha, László Ph.D.


Teachingand research interests: hydrocarbon processes, fuel and lubricant additives,synthetic oils, asphalts, waste polymers. 

bartha@almos.vein.hu   |    tel.: +36 88 624411

list of publications





varga_zoltn.jpgVarga, Zoltán Ph.D.

Associate Professor

e-mail: vargaz@almos.uni-pannon.hu








id_picture_ret_resize.jpgMiskolczi, Norbert Ph.D.

Associate Professor

e-mail: mnorbert@almos.uni-pannon.hu

list of publication







dgy.jpgDeák, Gyula Ph.D.

Retired Associate Professor

Teachingand research interests: hydrocarbon processing, process design, supercriticalextraction, base oil production

deak@almos.vein.hu   |    tel.: +36 88 624409






proderj.jpgPróder, József Dr.  

Retired assistant professor

Teachingand research interests: Analytics of hydrocarbons and coals, catalyticalisomerization of hydrocarbons, fuel and lubricant additives

proder@almos.vein.hu  |  tel.: +36 88 624381







Dénes Kalló, professor, MEng in ChemicalEngineering, PhD, DSc

József Tóth, honorary associate professor, MEng inChemical Engineering, PhD

Jenő Baladincz, MEng in Chemical Engineering,production manager, MOL-Lub Ltd.

Zoltán Kocsis, MEng in Chemical Engineering, salesengineer, MOL-Lub Ltd.

Zsuzsa Marton, Assistant Professor




lepsnyi_istvan.png Lepsényi István, technician
e-mail: lepsi54@almos.uni-pannon.hu
lukacsine_nemeth_ilona.png Lukácsiné Németh Ilona, laboratory assistant
e-mail: ilukacsi@almos.uni-pannon.hu
winkler_gyorgy.png Winkler György, mechanist
nincs.png Szanyi Imre, technician
kovacs_rita.jpg Kovács Rita, administrator
e-mail: kovacsr@almos.uni-pannon.hu
horvath_daniel.png Horváth Dániel, technician
e-mail: horvathdaniel@almos.uni-pannon.hu
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