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For sustainable mobility research group (Recycling of waste polymers research group)

Mobility is one of the main pillars of sustainable development. For its realization, modern fuels, lubricants, structural materials and roads are needed. The main objective of the research group is the research and development of fuels, engine oils and their additives from fossil and alternative sources, and their feedstock and energy saving, environmentally friendly, economic production. In the frame of it, the objective is the development of the current materials, and the development and realization of new, original products and the development of processes for their production. Besides the crude oil based fuels (gasoline, diesel gas oil, jet fuel), base oils and additives, products from alternative sources (for example natural and waste triglycerides, biomass based synthesis gas, thermal and/or catalytic cracking of polyolefins, etc.) have a significant share, too. The production and use of components from waste polymers in asphalts became an important new research area.

Prof. Dr. Jenő Hancsók, D.Sc.
Head of Department

University of Pannonia
Dept. of MOL Hydrocarbon and Coal Processing 
H-8201, Veszprém, P.O. Box 158
Tel.: +3688624217
Fax.: +3688624520
E-mail: hancsokj@almos.uni-pannon.hu

Major research findings

  • Contribution to the development of environmentally friendly (practically sulphur free, reduced aromatic content)
  • fuels (gasoline, diesel gas oil) with high energy content, and their additives. 
  • Participation in the development of biocomponent containing (ethanol, biodiesel) fuels. 
  • Development of new fuel components and their production processes from triglycerides. 
  • Expansion of the range of biodiesel feedstock options. 
  • Development of multifunctional additives with new structures, which can be used in fuels. 
  • Development of processes for the thermal and/or catalytic cracking of poliolefins. 
  • Additivation of asphalts.


  • MOL Plc. Budapest; 
  • MOL-LUB Inc., Almásfüzítő; 
  • ÁMEI Plc., Budaörs;
  • OLAJTERV Group, Budapest; 
  • MGI Gödöllő; 
  • KITE, Nádudvar; 
  • Rossi Biofuel, Komárom, 
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Centre For Energy Research, Budapest; 
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Budapest
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