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04.jpgDepartment of Hydrocarbon and Coal Processing was established later than the other, base discipline departments in 1951. There have been two occuoationsfrom the beginning:  first of all, it has been the Acropolis of university training, second of all, the department have proved to be a major research base for hydrocarbon and coal processing.

The academic lecturer József Varga, twice awarded the Kossuth award, was the first head of the department, who also possesed great achievements in the field of hydrocracking of coal tar. His educational and public dealings gave rank to the department before his death in the winter of 1956.

From 1957, Árpád Retezár, former vice president of Nitrochemical PLC, previous colleague to Jozsef Varga  became a head of the department. Under the first two leaders the coal processing was given greater emphasis in the departments life.

This changed with László Péchy, former president of the paraffin factory of Royal Dutch/Shell, a young Varga-student becoming the head of department. With his lead, the department have been rabuilt after losing many of the lecturers in 1956, the educational profile have become constant,  class book have appeared, and the main fields of research have showed up. The strong bond made with the industry havemeant an assurance for the department.
05.jpgAfter professor Péchy`s retirement in 1982, Gyula Deák was appointed head of the department. He was the first to defend his degree in the department. After gaining industrial experience at the Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc he returned to Veszprém to start to prepare the department to a profile change. With this, the traditional values, mainly  the knowledge of the hydrocarbon processing industry were preserved and thedepartment prepared to teach process design and to lead not just the diplomas but the diplomatervek...

From 1999 László Bartha PhD is the head of the department. The traditional research areas joining to thecrude oil refining have been succesfully broeaden with the projectof chemical recycling of plastic and rubber products. The lecturers and researchers of the department with the help of PhD students and research students working in the areas of the Cooperation Research Centre of the Chemical Engeniering Institute  have achieved many industrial results.

Tha staff of the department keeping the spirituality of the fouder still belive in the applied research.
The researches in progress are carried out in tight bond with industrial partners.

















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