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Chemical Engineering Discipline

Operational energetics
Transport theory I
Transport theory II
Chemical unit operations
Fine chemical processes
Chemical factory
Fine chemical technologies I, II
Techniques of fine chemistry
Disperse systems
Laboratory practice in chemical unit operations
Bioengineering studies
Up-to-date reaction engineering
Laboratory practice in up-to-date reaction engineering
Laboratory practice in fine chemical technologies
Energy saving, energetics
Food industrial technologies
Graphology I, II



Material Engineering Discipline

Introduction to chemical unit operations
Transport theory
Material engineering processes
Laboratory practice in material engineering processes


Environmental Engineering Discipline

Environmental process technology
Environmental process technology practice
Laboratory practice in environmental process technology
Bioengineering studies, biotechnology



Management Engineering Discipline

Chemical unit operation I, II


Mechanical Engineering Discipline

Unit operation (heat treatment) of silicate industry
Laboratory practice of unit operation (heat treatment) of silicate industry


Information technology discipline

Chemical factor

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